Sanlam iPad App

Sanlam approached Fireworkx to create a digital app that would streamline their business and embody 'brokerage-on-the-go'.
Sanlam asked Fireworkx to build a digital app for them that would suit today’s broker; essentially, a complete mobile solution that would allow a broker to be far more productive.

With this as our core focus, we created an app that serves as an all-in-one toolkit for the broker, ensuring that he or she has access to new and existing clients' information as it is needed.

An application worthy of the Sanlam brand

It became apparent to us that one of the major problems with which brokers are faced, is clutter. Carrying client folders containing multiple documents is simply not practical, and with this in mind, the digital app was born. Its overarching role was to eliminate clutter, but still hold up the iconic Sanlam brand.


The aim was simple: create an app that held everything that the broker needed when meeting a new or existing client.

The app allows for all of the client’s personal information to be input on the spot, as well as the ability for meeting notes, questions and all other necessary documentation to be filled out and saved immediately, creating the ability for more engagement with the client as well as understanding, as they are able to follow the process.

The app also provides tools such as questionnaires that may be used to gain a more in-depth insight for the broker, allowing them to be more informed of the needs of the client before advising the type of investment package that will suit them.

The broker also has access to the latest Sanlam documents and if a new version of a form needs to be completed, it can easily be sent to the client without another visit being required.