Our Services

  • Design

    Designing is not decorating. Good design doesn't dominate or deviate from the business need. Good design works to support the brand and support the underlying business requirement. Good design supports the end-user and gives them confidence in their task. In fact, the less said about design the better - far better is to experience it - take a look at some of our portfolio pieces.

  • User Experience Design

    Start with the user in mind. Focus on the end experience. Analyse, storyboard, wireframe, prototype, design, build, integrate, test & deploy. Then track and iterate to continuously improve the user experience. Simplicity of design - but not simplistic.

  • Software Development

    We have some of the brightest minds creating our software. We don't cut corners. But we also don't over-engineer. Our web applications and mobile applications are database driven. Our developers have experience in building enterprise solutions on both the Microsoft platform as well as for the Apple iOS mobile environment.

  • Business Applications

    We have a decade and a half of experience in developing both Business to Business applications as well as Busincess to Consumer applications. Talk to us about your line-of-business apps needs.

  • Digital & Web Strategy

    We provide custom consulting services to help organisations develop a focused digital strategy. This is all part of our "measure twice, cut once" thinking.

  • Mobile Apps

    Native apps or mobi apps - we will advise on the right approach for your needs and then either build on Android, iOS or HTML5 (for both tablet or mobile phone). Designing and developing for the mobile web is critical, and to this end we are committed to "responsive design thinking".

  • Content Management Systems

    Our preference is the Umbraco content management system. It's free, it's .Net based and it's in use on over a 100,000 web sites worldwide. Fireworkx is a fully certified partner of Umbraco. We also build on top of other CMS platforms such as Sitecor, Sitefinity & Kentico.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    Talk to us about advertising on the Google Search Network and the Google Display Network (this now also includes Mobile).

  • Domains

    It's the starting point of a web presence. Some say that selecting the right domain name is a do-or-die point in your digital strategy. We have both the experience and the tools in helping you secure the domain name of your choice. Naturally, for .co.za domains as well as .com and other top-level domains. We also provide Domain Name Server (DNS) hosting for your domain.

  • Hosting

    Yes, hosting can be bought elsewhere. Many of our clients prefer using us to secure the right platform for hosting - whether it's Amazon Elastic Cloud or Microsoft .Net or SQL Server hosting. We have our own dedicated cloud servers and provide hosting to some of SA's largest companies.

  • Blog Establishment

    Personal or business blogging can be just-the-ticket for your brand. Choosing the right blogging platform can however be confusing. Then setting it up, designing templates or integrating it into your web offering can be equally challenging. Whether it's Tumblr other platforms, we can do this in a snap.

  • Social Media Integration

    Develop applications for Facebook as well as using the Facebook Social Graph to harness the power of community for your website. Naturally other platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn have a place in your social media strategy. Talk to us about leveraging off these networks.

  • Web & Digital Marketing

    We develop the digital communication for your marketing campaigns such as Christmas, Valentines & product launches. We also design campaigns to launch your website or to drive sales or to boost awareness.

  • RightClick

    RightClick is a division of Fireworkx. RightClick delivers Creative, Measurable and Hard-working digital marketing services. RightClick came into being, because we found that our clients need on going support to get a return from their digital activities. More than ever before, media budgets can be measured and performance can be tweaked to deliver maximum results to the bottom-line.

  • Social Media Marketing

    Helping organisations establish a presence on various social media sites. Creating a plan for generating engaging content, updating content and moderating responses from the community.

  • Newsletter Marketing

    Using our own in-house uCampaign platform or other 3rd-party platforms - all fully integrated into your website or application. Maintain subscriber databases, newsletter template design, content management, sending of mail campaigns & reporting on mail performance.

  • Web Analytics

    It's not about the number of "hits" anymore (actually, it never was!) It's about customer engagement. Luckily we can measure this. We mine Google Analytics (and other analytics platforms) to develop reports that are filled with insights and recommendations to enhance your digital activities.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    Despite what you've been told to believe, SEO is not rocket science. Nor is it a black art or very expensive. Mostly, it's good ol' fashioned common sense. Using best practices when building your website and then targeting desired search terms, we adjust the site content to improve Google page ranking. Simple.