Liberty Risk Explorer

Liberty sought Fireworkx to build an interactive app that would enhance the engagement between the broker and the client.
When Liberty approached Fireworkx to develop a tool that would be mutually beneficial for the broker and the client, the challenge was clear: build an interactive mobile application that serves as a touch-point to educate, demystify and ultimately help close a sale.

Education, Engagement and Understanding

The app features a quick overview of the Liberty brand promise followed by a set of interactive questions which then trigger four possible needs-based outcomes according to the client's life-stage. Presented as a series of 'journeys' each outcome leads the client through a number of steps including a reality check, some education and a possible solution. The solution features a Liberty product for which a client performs an interactive cost estimate. The app is designed to be clear and intuitive with the main visual feature being the use of a circular device, including circular slider selectors, all inspired by the Liberty logo.

For brokers, the app is a sales aid to educate potential clients, demystify insurance jargon and open the way, via an interactive cost estimate, to a formal quote. Clients get to explore the risks they may face throughout their lives and discover how Liberty's comprehensive insurance solution can provide them with security in an easily comprehensible and hands-on manner.

A revolution

The Risk Explorer has revolutionised Liberty's sales approach to such an extent that some 1,200 brokers are now using the app as an interactive sales aid.